Marinus Pennsic Encampment Rules

Barony of Marinus Camp Guidelines


2)   Anyone can be removed from the Barony of Marinus Pennsic Encampment prior to or during Pennsic for failure to follow or refusing to follow the Barony of Marinus Camp Guidelines or Pennsic Rules.

3)   Tent space

a)      The only guaranteed space for your tent, is with a PAID REGISTRATION before it closes online (This usually happens in the middle of June).  Please let the Camp Master know when you have registered to ensure you are included in the registered campers list.

b)     Each person registered is allotted 250 square feet.

c)      Each person registered is required to allot 20% (50 square feet) to common areas.

d)     Each tent that is going to be within the encampment must have enough people registered to cover the land it takes up.  This includes ropes (a 10x10 tent would then become a 13x13 with ropes).

e)      All tents must be registered with the Camp Master before Pennsic.

f)       If you state that your tent is only 200 square feet and show up to Pennsic with a bigger tent, you will be asked to move to singles camping.

g)    Campers with seniority have first choice of tent location within camp.  Not all requests are granted due to space and layout.   The Camp Master works very hard to make people happy in the tent layout.

h)   If you run into any problems, please let the Camp Master know as soon as possible.

4)   Camp Courtesies

a)      Personal tents are just that - Personal.  Please respect personal boundaries and do not walk into someone’s tent uninvited.

i)     The exception to this is inclement weather.  Those in camp may step inside another camper’s tent to close it up for rain.  Do not expect this.  If you see bad weather on the horizon, close up your tent before you leave.

b)     Do NOT walk through other encampments. 

i)     Treat other encampments as neighbors’ houses.  “Knock” before entering by hailing the camp from the entrance.

c)      When someone comes to call on a fellow camper, ask them to wait either in the baronial pavilion or by the fire.  Do not let them walk back to the person’s tent. 

5)   Out-of-barony campers

a)      Any person wanting to camp with the Barony of Marinus must first be sponsored in and voted on.

b)     Any non-baronial member is at the responsibility of the sponsor.

c)      Non-baronial campers should make every attempt to camp with the barony before the vote.  (Gem Joust, War of the Wings, or some other event)

6)   Camp Chores

a)      Each person is responsible for the camp chores they sign up for.

b)     If you pay for someone to do your chores and they fail to do them, the responsibility still falls on YOU.

c)      If you fail to do your chores more than twice, you will be fined an additional camp fee.

7)   Camp Fees

a)      Camp fees are set after final numbers of registered campers are established.   This fee generally runs between $25 and $60, based on the number of people camping within the Barony of Marinus Encampment.

b)     Camp fees cover fire wood, propane, trailer storage, and camp upkeep.

c)      Additional camp fees may be required in emergencies.

d)     Concerns about camp fees may be addressed with the Camp Master privately.

8)   Setup and teardown

a)      Each person camping with Marinus must help with setup or tear down. 

b)     If you are unable to assist with either setup or teardown, an additional camp fee is required.

9)   Camp Fire

a)      The camp fire is PG until after 10:00pm.  All bets are off after 10:00pm.  If you do not want to expose your children to things other than PG, put them to bed.

b)     Do not throw beer cans and bottles into the fire.   If you melt a bottle, it is your responsibility to clean it out the next morning.

c)       Chemicals for changing the color of the flames can be added only after the food has been cooked.

10)       Camp Kitchen

a)      The Camp Mommy is in charge of the camp kitchen.  Do not anger the Mommy.  It will not go well for anyone.

b)     Please refer to the Meal Plan for further information on the camp kitchen.

c)      The Meal Plan is generally $9 per person per day, but is subject to change.

11)       Guests

a)      All guests will be escorted while in camp.

b)     You are responsible for the actions of your guest.

c)      If you have a guest stay in camp more than 2 days, you will be required to pay a camp fee for that guest.

d)     If you know you are having someone join the camp for more than two days, they will need to be voted into camp and take on chores and other duties just like other campers.

12)       Smoking

a)      Smoking is prohibited in all common areas except at the campfire downwind of non-smokers.

b)     You may smoke in your personal area (tent and/or dayshade).

13)       Children

a)      Children are the responsibility of their family.

b)     Parents will be held accountable for children’s actions.

c)      Do not discipline children that are not yours without expressed permission from their parents. 

14)       Drama

a)      Please leave the Drama Llama at home!

b)     Please take arguments out of camp.