Amenities & Benefits of the Marinus Encampment 

Baronial Day Shade 

While it primarily serves as the entrance to our encampment, The Baronial Day Shade is a great place to hang out while in camp. You'll find chairs, benches and tables inside where you can sit and relax, eat a meal or a snack, play games and chat with friends, gather to do crafts, or escape the sun and the heat.

Next to the Day shade you will find the Arming Pavilion where you can store your armor giving it a place to air out after a long day of fighting (instead of in your own tent) and makes it easily accessible for when you are ready to leave camp and go do more fighting. 

        Arming Pavilion 

Camp Kitchen

We have our own kitchen in camp that includes a sink with hot and cold running water and a 3 burner propane range, the cost of this is included in your camp fees.
Special Note: Meal Plan Dinners have priority of the range during dinner time.

We have one personal shower in camp with adjustable temperatures that is wonderful. There is a white board to sign up for shower use on a 'first come, first serve" basis; please be courteous and let the next person on the list know that you are done with your shower and wipe off your name. 

      Camp Shower 

                Camp Fire 

We have a 3x5 sand box that contains our Viking Fire Box as a central camp fire for everyone to enjoy the ambiance of the evenings in camp or to make some dinners.
Fire wood is included in camp Fees.

We have 3 Port-a Johns right outside of camp, one of which is larger and handicapped accessible.